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Como has adopted Literacy Collaborative. This program provides all the components to meet the Common Core Standards using whole group, small group, and individualized instruction. It includes comprehension, fluency, decoding, writing, vocabulary and spelling. Text is used to study story structure and provides a literature piece. Intensive individualized instruction is offered to first grade students at Como who are struggling to meet first grade reading standards.


Fifth graders have an amazing opportunity to meet the Ohio Standards for Life Sciences during the first grading period through a program created by the Metro Parks.Each student will benefit from having his/her own student journal, engaging in hands-on activities, participating in a specialized in-class visit by a Metro Parks naturalist, and embarking on a field trip to Sharon Woods Metro Park.


The curriculum focuses strongly on reading, writing, math, and science as well as, social studies, health, art, music and physical education. A special emphasis is always placed on achievement skills. Many grade levels are departmentalizing to provide students with the best possible instruction.

The Common Core Standards is a fantastic website to visit for a better understanding of the new standards and how you can assist your child in learning with these new state standards in mind. On the home page of the website there is a link to a three minute video giving a simple explanation of how the Common Core Standards were developed, why they were developed and how they will help students become prepared for college or a career. Watch the video with your child if you can.

Also included on the site are resources such as Parent Roadmaps showing how to support your child in Reading/Language Arts and Math. These roadmaps are specific to grade level. There are links to activities and other helpful websites as

Use Fun to Build Background Knowledge

Reading : You don’t need to have a book in hand to help your child become a better reader. Interesting experiences give children a broader framework for new information they might encounter in books. When children have many experiences to draw on, they have a better chance to make connections with what they read!

How can you help build background knowledge?

Step 1: Take field trips

Go to the park, the zoo, a sports event, a historical landmark, or COSI. Go on a hike to one of our Metro parks. When you are indoors, watch a TV program about volcanoes or the rainforest or marsupials, or use the web to take a virtual field trip to a faraway place.

Step 2: Talk about it

Talk about the plants and animals you see, or the rules of a game, or the new things you learned. Ask questions that get your child to talk, like “If you could be one of those animals we saw today, which one would you be?” or “Why do you think those boulders were shaped like that?”

Step 3: Follow up with a book

Find out what interests your child, and visit the library to get more information. The librarians at the Columbus Metro Library are very helpful. Check out books about butterflies or basketball players or whatever catches your child’s attention. Encourage learning with comments like, “That was cool to see the inside of a computer at the museum today. Let’s learn more about that.”

You could even have your child create his/her own book, with photos or illustrations of your activities and your child’s own words to describe the picture. This is great writing practice and makes a wonderful summer memory book. Building background knowledge isn’t just fun, it’s also a great way to spend your summer.

Mathematical Practice 2: Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively

Math Practice 2 encourages students to think about the problems and ideas presented in their math classes. Math Practice 2 utilizes the skills of questioning, pondering, hypothesizing, considering examples and counterexamples and alternatives to what has been presented. These are skills which can be learned and will help in recalling forgotten knowledge. Once restored, this knowledge will help to build further understanding especially in number sense-the deep understanding of numbers and how they work together.

Principal - Ms. Summer Anthony
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